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Enjoy Brighter Teeth with Laser Teeth Whitening
in Birmingham, West Midlands

At The Laser Room Birmingham, we understand that not all laser treatments are created equally. Undertaking extensive research, our experts in Birmingham, West Midlands, have deciphered the most effective methods of laser teeth whitening to ensure that the results you receive are second to none.

Before and After Teeth Whitening

Embrace Peerless Teeth

Whether you're on a quest to achieve a perfect, confident smile or are simply looking to eliminate dental staining, our impeccable teeth whitening treatment is the answer. With long-lasting results, this treatment typically whitens teeth by between 6-8 shades. You can get our teeth whitening service for only £69.99 per treatment.

An Expert Treatment

The exclusive, Hollywood-level teeth whitening techniques we utilise are designed to suit your teeth down to the most minute details. Registering specifications, including enamel type and the structure of your teeth and gums, our incredible solution works to leave your teeth looking their absolute best.

Working Swiftly

 Taking just one hour to complete, our treatment consists of three applications of Hollywood whitening gel (Non-Peroxide) across 15-20 minute intervals. This clinically proven strategy produces maximum, shiny results. Unlike other questionable clinics who use ineffective home kits, our professionals make use of an unbeatable whitening gel which is activated by our top-tier laser. Then, we'll provide a considerate aftercare service in order to ensure your teeth stay whiter for longer.

A Proven Procedure

Just like the microdermabrasion treatments we provide, our laser teeth whitening is 100% safe. Because we use only the highest quality products, we avoid any unsavoury outcomes. While lesser companies might use cheap technology that is liable to cause harm, we make use of a trademarked product that delivers proven results every time. The only possible consequence is minor sensitivity, which may be avoided by refraining from drinking hot or cold drinks for a few hours after the treatment. No part of our straightforward process is painful.

Specialist Aftercare

 After your treatment, you can purchase a specialised pen that, when used regularly with care and attention, will help to prolong the effects of our treatment. That means you won't need to have repeat treatments as often, saving you money in the process.

Contact us today, in Birmingham, West Midlands, to arrange laser treatments including effective laser teeth whitening.

Before and After Teeth Whitening | Woman

Before and After Teeth Whitening

Before and After Teeth Whitening | Man

Before and After Teeth Whitening