Quality Laser Hair Removal Treatments Offered at Our Clinic in Birmingham, West Midlands

Laser hair removal in birmingham is a popular treatment. Producing impressive results, laser hair removal is one of our most sought-after treatments. The accuracy of the beam of light used in the treatment means that we are able to target a specific area while also achieving the desired result. The precision of the machine and the excellent results it provides is the reason why laser hair removal is one of our most in-demand treatments. To arrange a laser hair removal treatment, please contact our technicians at our clinic in Birmingham, West Midlands. Our Gold Standard Lasers are able to reduce a number of treatments needed for effective results Costing up to 60% less than high street prices . Our Clinics aim is to provide a truly affordable solution suiting peoples budgets and afforability. 

Excellent results are produced from our laser hair removal treatment.

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Both laser and IPL treatments produce energy in order to disrupt the growth elements found within every hair follicle. The result is a cell that is less likely to grow hair. However, this is where the similarity between each treatment ends.

Fotona Nd Yag

The laser treatments we provide utilise an intensely concentrated beam of light. Because this energy is extremely focused, rather than diffused, it is tremendously precise. This also means that we are able to accomplish accurate and powerful results. Tuning the laser to your skin and hair type, we work to achieve the best possible results for every client.

Hair grows in cycles, and not all body hair is in the same stage of growth at any one time, therefore, it takes a few treatments for complete removal. The outcome depends on hair quality, number of hair follicles, different metabolism, and hormonal level of each individual but it takes around 6 treatments to remove 80-90% of the hair.

Leg hair removal

Inferior Methods

On the other hand, IPL is a far less effective treatment than laser hair removal. Utilising energy produced by a lamp resembling a lightbulb, this treatment produces a variety of light rays that cannot achieve the same levels of power found in a laser-based treatment. As a result, it is typically used for fairer skin types.

The Difference

Not all laser hair removal treatments are the same. Many clinics offer IPL (Intense Pulse Light) treatments and still call it Laser Hair Removal. These tend to be the same clinics who put offers on popular daily deals websites.

There is a big difference:

Laser Hair Removal targets the root of the hairs!

Male Hair Removal

No Expense Spared

While other less reputable clinics utilise IPL machines because they are cheaper than laser apparatuses, The Laser Room Birmingham refuses to cut corners or compromise on our commitment to quality. That's why we use the gold-standard lasers. Harnessing the power of the Lumenis light sheer diode™ and an Nd:YAG laser, we are the only company in our service area to offer these quality solutions for all skin types.

Saving You Money

Because we use the powerful, effective LightSheer, we are able to reduce the number of treatments needed to just 6-8 sessions, rather than the 12 typically recommended by other clinics. Costing up to 60% less than high street prices, our clinic provides a truly affordable solution for clients.

 Contact our technicians at our clinic in Birmingham, West Midlands, for information on our effective laser hair removal treatments.